First pastry chef and then, passionate about cooking, curious, traveler ... and many more things!
With studies at the Buenos Aires International Hotel & Restaurant School (IBAHRS), she shaped her passion for culinary art. At the same time that she began her studies in Buenos Aires Master Bakery.
In 2006, her vocation for cooking led her to the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy, to later take over the kitchen of important places in Buenos Aires.

Recognized local chef, with a long career in Bariloche, creator of the new Patagonian cuisine concept, master chef, researcher and empirical experimenter, specialized in meats, flowers and native plants, ambassador of the sustainable gastronomy of our region, whose work aims to link the scientific research, technological innovation, raw materials, education, and local chefs.

I'm a professional Chef with over 20 years of experience. I studied Culinary Arts and Hotel Administration in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I been travel the world for working for different hotel companies such us Marriot, Hyatt and Hilton. My last hotel opening was the Innside NY by Melia in February 2016.
'Natural and seasonal ingredients and uncomplicated cooking methods'.

My name is Belén, an Argentinean Mom full of passion!
I have loved food and deco since I was a child. My mom is an amazing chef and eating at home was about fresh and delicious meals, but it was also about setting the table with beautiful plates, silverware, candles, flowers... It was the perfect combination of objects and tasty food!.
Moved into a new city, while exploring the Southern culture, Atlanta felt like the right place to pursue my entrepreneur dream. Definitely, every step along the way got me here! It was time to start my own business: I am giving cooking classes, pastry catering, special events like empanada night, risotto night, and much more!
Argentinean desserts / Empanada Party / Risotto Night / Cooking Classes.


Roxana Marinoff.
Professional Dancer and Argentine Tango Teacher.
Semifinalist at 2016 & 2017 Argentine Tango World Championships in Stage Tango category.

César Dávalos
Professional Dancer and Argentine Tango Teacher.
Semifinalist at 2016 & 2017 Argentine Tango World Championships in Stage Tango category.

Singer and actor. In 2009 he began his first musical steps living in the town of Urundel, Province of Salta, Argentina, where he won first prize as "Singer Soloist".
In 2012 he received the Prize in the category "Singer Soloist" at the "Salta Cultural Games" Contest for the 2nd time in a row which takes him to great theaters in the city of Mar de Plata with different young people from all over the country.
In 2015 he had the opportunity to be part of # 10AlaFama (TV Program) Production of the Argentinean North where he was recorded by the well-known singer Moro Terue

La Tropilla Malambo is a professional and family company of Bombo, Malambo and Boleadoras. Dexterity, rhythm, precision, soul and heart!!!

Sub champions of Tango of Track of the City of Buenos Aires, 2015.
They formed as a couple in 2013, although both had individually walked a path of more than 10 years of dance, in the development and research of tango.


Nature slowly filters mountain snow in the most perfect process of mineralization. That is why the natural spring water of AlunCo processes these characteristics which make it unique.
AlunCo water is born at the heart of Patagonia. We provide a natural and nutritious product, while we abide by the quality standards that ensure we safeguard health and the environment.

PREMIO APSAL 2016 (Asociación Profesionales de Salud y Alimentos, Argentina).
INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CROWN 2008 - Gold (United Kingdom).