About Us

The festival, Organizers and Sponsors.


For the last 3 years, Outland Cuisine, a local company with argentine roots, has the pleasure to organize the Argentina Food, Wine and Culture Festival, contributing to the preservation, diffusion and promotion of our traditions being at the same time a platform to promote companies of services and products from Argentina.
With high level entertainment, culinary classes for the whole family and business opportunities we serve as a link enhancing the sense of brotherhood between the two countries. 


2016 First Festival.
The 1st edition of the Argentina Food, Wine and Culture Festival was held in October 2016 at the wonderful Greystone in the Piedmont Park of Atlanta. Thanks to our Sponsors and private donors we were able to bring from Argentina 4 Chefs, 1 Grill Master and 8 artists who presented folk and tango music.

2017 First Festival.
In September of 2017 we lived the Second Food, Wine & Culture Festival in Atlanta, celebrating the Argentine customs, from the hand of producers from this country who brought their meals, wines, teachings and typical dances to our lands.